Alcohol industry

Alcohol industry

Alcohol industry

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The investment industrial AES Group now includes “Karavansky distilling plant” and “Artyomovskiy distilling plant”. The enterprises are the largest producers of high-quality alcohol and alcohol-containing products in Eastern Ukraine.


The total production capacity of the distilling plant  is over 2.5 million decaliters per year.

Karavan and Artemovsk plants provide excellent raw materials for a number of industries, which are used in:

  • winemaking and production of alcoholic beverages,
  • pharmaceutics and medicine,
  • perfumery,
  • confectionery industry,
  • farm production and other sectors of the national economy,
  • production of paints and solvents,


In addition to alcohol production, the plant has a workshop for the production of enzyme products, which provides its own production, as well as Ukrainian distilleries plants with high-quality enzymes for the production of alcohol.

The plant produces carbon dioxide, which is widely used both in machine-building enterprises and in the food industry

One of the key priority areas now is the production of bioethanol and an alternative motor fuel component (CMFA).

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