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AES Group – new owner of the distillery in Lyubotin.

The new owners plan to invest more than 100 million hryvnias After a long downtime Karavansky distillery resumes its work in the Kharkiv region. It was purchased by the investment industrial AES group at a state auction on June 7, 2021.

Karavansky Distillery is located in Lyubotinsky district of Kharkiv region. Founded back in 1709, as a distillery it began its work in 1837. It was a low-power enterprise producing 80 dal of alcohol per day. In 2019 it underwent partial modernization. It is known for producing deluxe spirts, spirt bard and carbonic acid.

“At this stage, we have transferred money and are going through the process of obtaining permission from the Antimonopoly Committee. Our main task will be the modernization of the enterprise, in which we plan to invest more than 100 million hryvnias, “- says the president of the investment industrial group AES Group Konstantin Valeulin.

Today the companies and enterprises of AES Group are engaged in oil and gas refining, solar energy, alcohol production as well as scientific research activities. In 2020 AES Group acquired the Artemovsk distillery at an auction and began full modernization after a 5-year downtime.


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(Українська) Заява AES Group
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