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UkrSpetsSpirt’s modernized plants will pay UAH 3 billion in taxes in 2022

Artyomovsk and Karavansky distilleries, privatized by the concern “UkrSpetsSpirt”, will pay more than 3 billion hryvnias to the country’s budget in 2022. This became possible thanks to the reconstruction and modernization. To restore and start to work properly these enterprises, LLC “UkrSpetsSpirt” invests more than $ 10 mln.

At the moment the Artemovsk distillery has finished commissioning work. Works on material balance monitoring, technological and production processes optimization are being carried out at Karavansk distillery.

All that will allow the enterprises to improve the quality of the finished goods, reduce production costs and overall costs of its production. To achieve these goals “UkrSpecSpirt” uses high-tech production equipment and fundamentally changed the concept of the enterprises.

“I believe that successfully implemented projects are the best business card of the region, – comments the president of industrial investment group AES Group, Konstantin Valeulin. – Modernization allows us to increase the volume, improve the quality of products and establish a full production cycle. As a result a large scale restart of alcohol industry not only creates new jobs and provides a stable tax payment to the state treasury, it also provides economic growth through the development of Ukrainian companies and reduction of imports.

The company is also engaged in the development of export directions.  According to preliminary calculations, the tax deductions of Artemovsk and Karavansky distilleries will be more than 100 million hryvnias a month, and in general over 3 billion hryvnias in 2022.

Concern “UkrSpetsSpirt” is a part of the Kharkiv industrial investment group AES Group.

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