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AES Group modernizes Artyomovsk distillery

Artyomovsk distillery resumes work after a long downtime. The Kharkov investment industrial group AES Group, which became the new owner of the company in 2020, is carrying out a complete reconstruction of the once leading enterprise of the country.

According to the president of AES Group Konstantin Valeulin, at the moment a comprehensive repair of the building and its premises, the replacement of communications, the purchase of modern energy-saving equipment as well as the expansion of production capacity of the plant are carried out.

In particular, now before the direct processing of corn grain, which is used in the production of alcohol, the germ will be separated from it. They, in turn, are a valuable raw material in the production of corn oil. To this end, the Artemovsk distillery is putting into operation a system for de-germination, i.e. the separation of corn germs. At the same time the company is working on the construction of a new area for drying bard, which is a high-protein fodder additive.

The new possibilities of using residual raw materials will allow us to significantly reduce the cost of alcohol production and enter the export market.

“These innovations are not only aimed at reducing the price. It is, above all, a conscious use of our country’s resources. We are a responsible business and take a conscious approach to the processing of raw materials. Therefore, it is extremely important for us that the plant resumes its operation as an environmentally friendly and maximally waste-free full-cycle enterprise,” said Konstantin Valeulin.

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