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AES Group enterprises generated over UAH 1 billion in taxes for the Ukrainian budgetу

The investment and industrial group AES Group has presented its financial statements for 2022. At a critical time, the companies continued their operations and developed important industries for the economy, such as alcohol and oil and gas industry and solar energy. During the year, the group generated over UAH 1 billion in taxes and invested over UAH 315 million.

UkrSpetsSpirt, a part of AES Group, is currently the most technologically advanced enterprise on the Ukrainian market. In 2022, the concern’s plants produced and sold 805 thousand dal of alcohol. This provided products for pharmaceutical and distillery plants, as well as critical infrastructure enterprises. The productivity of production allowed us to replenish the country’s budget by more than UAH 1 billion. Of this amount, over UAH 985 million was paid through the payment of excise tax by tax bills.

In 2022, AES Group implemented a number of large-scale projects to modernize distilleries. Total investments in the industry amounted to about UAH 120 million. The Artemivsk plant introduced new technologies for low-temperature boiling of starch-containing raw materials and automation of the enterprise, which helped to improve the quality of alcohol, optimize technological processes and save energy. The company is proud of the installation of modern equipment for the production of carbon dioxide. The latest processes allow the company to produce food-grade products and open new markets for the company.

In 2022, a modern water treatment plant was built at the 1709 Karavan distillery to treat the water needed for production. The latest equipment installed here is used in the food industry. As a result, the shop produces water of the highest degree of purification, which has improved the quality of products in general, as well as increased the endurance of equipment.

Last year, the oil and gas companies of AES Group paid more than UAH 105 million in taxes, which managed to reach the planned figures and turnover despite martial law.

AES Group’s solar power plants paid more than UAH 6.7 million to the treasury and generated almost 9.6 GW of electricity. “Alternative Energy Sources Solar, Borki Solar, and Solar Solutions Ukraine saved more than 60 thousand homes during blackouts and kept the lights on.

“Despite the challenging, tense time, we have fulfilled the plan by almost 100%, which is an indicator of effective decision-making and teamwork. Oil and gas companies are critically important for the country, alcohol producers generate significant taxes, and solar energy has a significant potential for developing the country’s energy independence. So we have been working and continue to work to strengthen Ukraine’s industrial stability. I am confident that high-tech modern production that operates responsibly and honestly is what Ukraine’s economy needs and will contribute to the country’s early recovery after the Victory,” said Konstantin Valeulin, President of the investment and industrial group AES Group.

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