Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Children's Academy of FC "Metalist 1925"

Our employees, clients and partners are people who are constantly developing, who know how to change themselves and the world for the better, and demand more. Therefore, corporate social responsibility (CSR) ranks high among the development programs of the investment industrial group AES Group.

One of these programs concerns the care of children’s academy of FC “Metalist in 1925 “, in which there is an age category from U7 to U19. The main task of the Academy and AES Group is to train highly qualified competitive footballers who will be able to honorably represent FC “Metalist 1925” and Ukrainian football later on.

Overriding concerns of the Children’s Academy of FC “Metalist 1925”:

  • Annually graduate players who will replenish the team of masters of FC “Metalist 1925”, be attracted to the youth teams of Ukraine, to honorably represent the Academy in domestic and international sports arenas
  • To  educate football players who will form the backbone of the first team of FC Metalist 1925, which has recently improved its class and is already playing with the grandees of Ukrainian football this season.
  • Ensure the individual development of football players, the education of players with all round training.
  • Provide an optimal combination of development of individual and team qualities of players, taking into account the trends and requirements of modern football.

The basic principles of the Children’s Academy of FC “Metalist 1925” are:

  • The most accessible study at all stages of preparation
  • Individual approach to each player
  • Engage the former players of FC Metalist and graduates of FC Metalist to work with children
  • Mutually beneficial cooperation with everyone interested in organizing the recruitment and training of football players
  • The use in educational, training and educational work the modern scientific and methodological developments of national and foreign specialists
  • Constant professional development of coaching, administrative and medical personnel through seminars, practical training and licensing.

Now 560 football players are studying at the professional Academy and 30 coaches are working.

  • The synthetic fields are the disposal of coaches and children, matches are held in two arenas of the complex and a training base in the village of Vysoke, Kharkiv region.
  • On the territory of the training base there is a hotel, a room for theoretical classes and a gym.
  • Since the start of work, the number of graduates has exceeded 500. Over the past five years, Valeriy Bondar FC Shakhtar, Arseniy Batagov SK Dnipro-1 have become the regular players of Donetsk representatives.
  • The highest team achievement is the constant reaching the final stage of the Ukrainian championship of all age categories, and the victory of the U19 team in the 2020/2021 season.

In March and early August, open days are held at the training base for young football players trial and determining the candidates for admission to the Academy.

They are being trained

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