Laboratory research

Laboratory research

Laboratory research

Our activity

Research Center “Ukrnaftekhim”, which is part of the investment industrial AES Group, carries out conducts physical and chemical analysis of petroleum products and all types of fuel, liquefied hydrocarbon gas, motor and technological gasolines, alternative fuels, diesel fuel and fuel oil.

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment from leading world manufacturers, which allows to carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis, determine the compliance of the sample with the declared composition, establish the compliance of the sample with the current normative technical documents.

We offer a wide range of services that can be adapted to your specific needs. Our laboratory will provide services to oil depots, customs, energy customs and other enterprises.


Our research methods

The laboratory uses modern research methods, including:

  • gravimetry
  • nitrometry
  • spectrophotometry
  • refractometry
  • potentiometry
  • gas chromatography (gas-liquid and gas adsorption)


Laboratory services

You can contact the Research Center “Ukrnaftekhim” in order to determine:

  • Density and fractional composition of oil and hydrocarbons.
  • Octane number of motor gasoline by motor and research methods.
  • Compositional component of gasoline with the calculation of individual groups and components: benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons, olefin, oxygenates.
  • Composition of liquefied hydrocarbon gas by calculating the physical parameters of the gas: density, octane number, excess pressure of saturated vapors.
  • Weight part of sulfur in fuel Euro 4, Euro 5.
  • Flash points in open and closed crucibles.
  • Cloud temperature and filter limiting temperature (PTF) for diesel fuel.
  • Saturated vapors pressure of gasoline and gas condensates.
  • Water content in the fuel according to the Dean-Stark and K. Fischer method.
  • Kinematic and conditional viscosity of oil products.
  • Iodine number.

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