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AES Group reported on the project and financial results in 2021

About 100 million hryvnias of taxes and more than 205$ million of investments into the development of Ukrainian large-scale business projects in various fields. The Kharkiv industrial investment group AES Group reported such results for 2021. Oil and gas refining, solar energy, alcohol industry, as well as research activities. Providing productive work of these branches is aimed at achieving the main goal – sustainable economic development of the region and Ukraine.

▪ Ukrainian Petroleum

In 2021, AES Group invested about $200 million in the construction and modernization of Ukrainian Petroleum. This made it possible to create a new type of high-tech production in the country to produce a quality product, namely:

-technical nitrogen production plant

-hydrogen plant

-circulating compressor equipment

-heat-exchange unit

-reforming, hydrotreating and isomerisation reactors

-high-pressure water steam production equipment

-pumping equipment

Control instrumentation and automation equipment

▪ UkrSpecSpir

The reconstruction of the Artemovsk distillery included renovation of administrative and production premises as well as purchasing new equipment: a barding tower, a dehydration unit, a carbonic acid and a soft-boiling unit. All of this will significantly increase the production capacity of the plant.

Moreover, in August 2021 the Karavansky Distillery joined the UkrSpecSpirt Concern. AES Group invested about $6 mln.

The concern’s tax deductions for the past year amounted to 90 mln hryvnias.

Solar power plants

In 2021 the power plants produced 13,057,126 thousand kWh of electricity. This made it possible to provide over 66 thousand households with environmentally clean “green” electricity.

Due to the work of solar power plants ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SORCES SOLAR, BORKY SOLAR, SOLAR SOLUTIONS UKRAINE, the state budget of Ukraine at all levels was replenished by almost 4 million hryvnias.

Energy independence of the country, creation of new jobs, competitive salaries and conscious doing business, allowing for timely payment of taxes to the state budget. 2021 was a key year for AES Group in many ways.

“We will keep the moment going by maintaining and strengthening our leadership position in the eastern region. Our plan is always the same – to develop the region’s industry. That is why we regularly analyze what we can improve. We try to find new approaches both in production and technology.

In 2022, we plan to focus our efforts on further modernization and increasing production in all areas. We will launch high-tech industrial production. It will positively influence the country’s economy because it will allow us to become competitive not only in the Ukrainian market, but also in foreign markets”, – noted the president of industrial investment group AES Kostiantyn Valeulin.

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