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AES Group joined the state support for entrepreneurs

AES Group together with the center of entrepreneurship support Diya.Biznes runs Academy of business-training, which will be an educational hub for businessmen in the Kharkiv region.

The project is part of the national initiative of the Ministry of Digital Transformation to support small and medium-sized businesses. The big idea of the program is to increase the number of successful entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Investment company AES Group, systematically strengthening the various sectors of the economy of the country, joined the project in order to help Ukrainian entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary experience and knowledge and receive relevant business information.

During the year the Academy will host 12 educational lectures for the entrepreneurs in the leading areas. The business seminars will take place at 65 Sumska Str., Kharkov. Schedule and announcements of upcoming events can be found on the official Facebook page of the company. 

Konstantin Valeulin, president of AES Group investment industrial group, is sure that Ukrainian business is a driver of the economy, which needs support not only from the state, but also from colleagues.

“AES Group ensures sustainable development of the region, cares about the future and develops Ukraine. We are very grateful to the staff of Dia.Biznes for the opportunity to become partners and support our idea to strengthen Ukrainian business. I am confident in the effectiveness of our cooperation,” commented Konstantin Valeulin.

At the Diya.Biznes center you can also get consultations, rent space for your own events, present your products to other entrepreneurs and get feedback, as well as test them at a special pop-up location to test the products.

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