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Ukrainian Petroleum’s Kharkiv refinery has purchased a hydrogen production unit.

The refinery in Merefa (Kharkov region) is waiting for the delivery of a hydrogen production unit. Here’s what the management company told NefteRynok about it.

“As a part of the plant construction project we purchased a hydrogen electrolysis unit from an internationally certified producer. The unit has already been shipped on board and is expected in November, in Odessa,” said Konstantin Valeulin, president of the investment industrial group AES Group.

Hydrogen production unit is required for production of hydrogen gas which is the base of the processes for production of gasoline, diesel fuel Euro-5 at hydrotreatment, isomerization and catalytic reforming units. In Ukraine hydrogen production is mastered at the Lisichansk, Odessa and Kremenchug refineries.

The equipment ordered by Ukrainian Petroleum, a part of AES Group industrial investment group, consists of hydrogen production unit and hydrogen treatment unit by short-cycle adsorption method. “The process of hydrogen production will be fully automated. The operating principle of the hydrogen production unit is that water is decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen by passing a direct current through water using a pair of electrodes immersed in the electrolyte and separated by a membrane that prevents gas seepage,” – clarified in the company.

As Ukrainian Petroleum earlier reported, in the first quarter of 2022 it plans to produce benzene of chemical 99.9%, n-hexane for food purposes, Euro-5 gasoline, Euro-5 diesel and M-100 fuel oil. The company was financed by one of the Ukrainian banks – FUIB.

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