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Dmytro Kryskiv: “We came to Lviv for the victory”

FC “Metalist 1925” midfielder Dmytro Kryskev who was named best player of the match with FC Lviv,
told the club’s press service about his impressions of the match.

– Dmitry, how do you rate today’s game: did you lose two points or find one?

– I do not know how to assess it. We came to L’viv for a win, but it turned out like this.

-How did the game develop in general today? “Lviv” seemed to give you and your colleagues in the
center of the field the opportunity to turn around to face the other side’s goal?

– The field was hard today. It rained for several days in Lviv. And in the center of the field we had an
advantage of one player, but, unfortunately, this advantage could not be translated into goals.

– How did it affect, and did it in general, that yesterday there was no usual pre-match training, but
just warmed up next to the hotel?

– I don’t even know. I think I was in a good physical condition. In any case – such matches must be won.

– At the end of the fight you had an episode, even from the replays it was not clear whether you
could not get in the goal or the goalkeeper saved the «Lions»?

– It was a good moment. Ilya Zubkov scooped the ball, I ran and pushed it further. It was such a hard
moment, and the goalkeeper cut the distance, and I already reached the ball. Unfortunately, I failed to hit
the goal. I was able to push, the goalkeeper did not touch, I did not hit the goal.


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