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Dmytro Kravchenko: “The last game in Kharkiv, we have to win in front of our fans”.

Metalist 1925 midfielder Dmytro Kravchenko told about the team`s preparation for the clash with Kolos and the desire to please the fans.

We don`t need to remember that the team has not very good series now. How to train when the last matches were not so good?

-Yeah, our winning streak just got a little longer. I think all we have to do is work, practice, go out and win. That’s the only way we can turn this situation around.

How is the preparation for the match with “Kolos” going?

-Training is going on as usual. Our usual training process. No one is trying to upset the situation, on the contrary, the coaches are trying to set us up for a positive result. So everything is as usual.

How mad were you about the fact that you did not take points for a long time?

-I don`t know, how mad, but we want to win as fast as possible. Especially our last game in Kharkiv, we need only to win in front of our fans. And then everything will be normal.

-A serious opponent is “Kolos”, what about it?

-All opponents are serious. “Kolos is one of them. A good team, combative, they had a new head coach. Now they have won their last matches. So now they`re more or less OK. We are seriously preparing to play, we just need to win.

How do you personally feel, because there were two quite complicated injuries. Have you resumed, then got injured again?

-It`s all good now. We should forget about injuries. I`m alright.

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